Alopecia needs to be respected when tattooing

Alopecia needs to be respected when tattooing

Those who suffer from hair loss conditions such as Alopecia can either temporarily or permanently lose their eyebrows.

For many drawing eyebrows on each day isn’t practical. The fear your eyebrows will smudge is a reality for most women on a night out, never mind those that have a medical condition. Then there is the practicality of people who would like to exercise or go to the gym, but decide not to because of this reason. That’s not to mention the effects on mental wellness.

Brows aesthetically make a huge difference. Choosing the right Brow Artist is absolutely essential. Conditions such as Alopecia need to be respected as you’re entering a whole new world of skin, it’s response to tattooing, the clients immune response, pigment selection and how it matures.

Whilst wigs are accessible and make a big difference, finding an artist with experience working on a client with alopecia can be more challenging, as there is very little room for anything less than perfection.

At Clinita, we have such experience. Just look at this transformation of the clients old microblading to a super soft ombré brow. We had to do a little removal in areas to achieve this as the old pigment didn’t compliment the clients features.

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